Our Entwine Services go beyond the jewellery to help you create a sincerely special gift, one that allows you to express your appreciation, gratitude and love in the most genuine and personal way – bringing a truly matchless moment of joy to you.

The smallest sentiment and the grandest gesture. Speak from the heart, and permanently impress your gift with the meaning it represents.
A more personal option to express your unique relationship. Adjust the design and materials, adding your own touch with a secret stone, a fingerprint, or perhaps an image to mark the piece as truly individual, as your very own.
Indisputably one-of-a-kind, the perfect gift for the one you love, like no other.

We have partnered with leading Master Craftsman Ken Yu from the UK, who’s won numerous global accolades in jewellery design and craftsmanship to lead our creative team.

We work with you to determine the perfect direction for your unique piece, choosing from a wide selection of precious gemstones and the finest materials, sketching and refining the ideal final design with you, and for you. Ultimately, you are the designer and your love is the inspiration.

Each step throughout production is monitored closely by experts in every technique required, ensuring your vision is crafted to perfection.
Presentation is everything. Our in-store wrapping services allow you to hand-craft a more intimate and personal gift experience, from beginning to end.

Select from the finest papers, satin ribbons and wrapping, sealed with a mark of love.

We work with the most inspiring local creatives and artists in Macau who love what they do. If you’d like to share in their passion and learn more, we’d love for you to join one of our gift-wrapping classes. Please visit our Facebook Page for more details.
From leading florists and patisseries to wedding planners and more, we partner with the most forward-thinking and inspirational artists, creatives, designers, and photographers to deliver a mesmerising experience that truly expresses the deepest feelings of the heart. If you’d like to learn more about our collaborations, please visit our Facebook page for more details.