Our Dream

Our dream is to bring matchless moments of joy to Macau. Moments that are real, intimate and pure. Surprises that come from the heart and bring us infinitely closer together in our happiness. We are ‘Entwine’ by Seng Fung Jewellery, crafting beautiful memories for everyone in Macau.

Our Dedication

We create unique, intimate and memorable moments that touch the heart, for each and every one of our customers. Through personalised jewellery, bespoke packaging ideas and a suite of Entwine Services, we help you bring that special feeling to those who matter most.

Our Promise

High quality, genuine precious jewellery at the fairest value as standard. Our carefully curated collections are designed to grow with you, and meet your needs on every step of life’s journey.

We also pledge to give you the most memorable and authentic jewellery experience in Macau. Working with the city’s most passionate craftsman and creatives, our Entwine Services are designed to help you convey your heart’s sincerest feelings.

Distinct from many fashion jewellery brands, our collections represent true luxury, choosing to only use fine precious metals of gold and platinum, set with natural diamonds and precious gems. The jewellery you choose from us will be the ultimate long-lasting keepsake for you and your love ones to cherish. We stand by our promise and wholeheartedly believe in our craftsmanship and design. However, we also offer returns on much of our jewellery, so you can rest assured that you are receiving both the highest quality and the fairest value.